Nina Baisch

Master of Arts Kommunikationsdesign | Bachelor of Arts Innenarchitektur

I work as an independent architecture and interior photographer for architects, interior architects, advertising and design agencies, publishers, cultural institutions, the real estate economy and building industry, as well as for the hotel and gastronomy trade in Switzerland, Austria and in Germany. 

During my design studies in Germany and abroad I started being interested and examine more and more in architecture. There I found the photography as a medium to illustrate it, as well as to hold on the internal pictures originating during this process. By the training of my eye I now saw threw the camera viewfinder architecture also in surfaces, lights, shades and visual connections. 

For me architecture and interior photography is on one hand the objective documenting and understanding. On the other hand, it should show also the interpreting and experiencing, as well as telling stories threw photography.

So I am operating in a way of approaching from the outside to the inside, from distant to near. In this way objective and or telling photographies are resulting, photographies with my own handwriting as a photographer. A pictorial language which concentrates: upon the reduced essentials and pureness, and sometimes also upon surprise as well as upon the picture beyond the picture. To make visible the essentials of the depicted with an openminded second and third look.