Nina Baisch

Diplom-Designerin (FH) | Master of Arts

– in – between – spaces

The Swiss Appenzellcounty with its typical, original shape-giving old farmhouses had always particularly touched me within all the differently Swiss sceneries. The Appenzellfarmhouses appeared to me as important and form-giving as the prealpine scenery of the typical hills and valleys itselfs. The straight, simple, but emphasised style of the facades and the long window rows seemed to me in - this rural area - almost modern and urban.

This woke up my deeper interest in this beautifully designed, regional architecture, as well as the wish to receive an insight as an architecture photographer behind the facades. I did not wanted to act as an intruder in search of rural poorness or private, poor flavour, who´s photographies document debase or show tacky harmony. Therefore, I chose only empty, unoccupied houses for this project.

Here I found an interesting other level for the project; desolate living space, neglected, given up or still waiting. Houses with question marks, with uncertain future, but always rich of storytelling- which only just becomes visible threw their total emptyness.

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